The Kerberos Consortium News

By establishing the Consortium, MIT seeks to permit Kerberos to continue to grow and develop as a stable and universal "single sign-on" mechanism for the users of modern computer networks.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Kerberos Consortium in the News

The H Security

8-June-2009: "New Version of MIT Kerberos " More >>>

Help Net Security

8-June-2009: "Kerberos 5 Release is Now Available ." More >>>

Jean-Christophe Cimetiere's Blog

8-April-2009: "Kerberos Interoperability Testing Workshop hosted by Microsoft." More >>>

ars technica

8-April-2008: "From saboteur to member: Microsoft joins Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

Redmond Magazine

31-March -2008: "Microsoft Joins MIT Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

2-April-2008: "Video: Changes ahead for MIT Kerberos Consortium ." More >>>

2-April-2008: "Kerberos security evolves for B2B, mobile tech." More >>>

Enterprise Networking Planet

1-April-2008: "New Interoperability for Microsoft?" More >>>


1 April -2008: "Microsoft joins MIT's Kerberos Consortium ." More >>>


1-April-2008: "Microsoft signs on to MIT Kerberos Consortium ." More >>>

Network World

1-April-2008: "Microsoft signs on to MIT Kerberos Consortium ." More >>>


31- March-2008: "Microsoft joins MIT Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

IT Business Edge

31-March-2008: "Microsoft joins MIT Kerberos Consortium" More >>>

MIT News

31-March-2008: "Microsoft joins MIT Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

Technology Review Magazine

23-January-2008: "Kerberos Thinks Big ." More >>>


5-October-2007: "The Kerberos Consortium and the Future of Kerberos." More >>>

Homeland Security Daily Wire

2-October-2007: "Kerberos Consortium launched." More >>>


2-October-2007: "MIT Forms Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

The Boston Globe

24-September-2007 : "A 20-year-old technology may soon protect cellphones." More >>>

ZD Net

19-September- 2007: "MIT to launch Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

Boston Business Journal

27-September-2007: "MIT launches mission to protect world's computers " More >>>

IT Pro (Japan)

27-September-2007: "Kerberos Consortium " More >>>


27-September-2007: "Kerberos backers form consortium" More >>>

The Washington DC Examiner

28-September-2007: "MIT, partners launch Kerberos Consortium." More >>>

Network World

27-September-2007: "MIT officially launches Kerberos Consortium" More >>>

Internet News

27-September-2007 : "MIT Researchers Hope to Kick Kerberos Up a Notch. " More >>>

Red Hat News

27-September-2007:"Long Live Kerberos". More >>>